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Softcard dropping Windows Phone support on March 31
News - March 05, 2015
Windows Phone users will soon be left out of the NFC payments trend. Since the debut of Apple Pay, contactless payments have become very popular. Softcard was one of the only companies supporting Windows Phone for NFC payments more

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Is Windows Phone 10 already gaining momentum?
News - March 05, 2015
Microsoft is in the midst of a massive effort to gain the ground they gave up in the mobile computing space when the completely missed the smartphone craze. Windows Phone 8 has not been a hit, but the company is not sitting in more

Will Microsoft release Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2?
News - March 05, 2015
Many have speculated whether Microsoft would release an update 2 for Windows Phone 8.1, or simply go straight to Windows 10 for phones. That speculation is rearing its head again after Microsoft announced the Lumia 640 and Lumia more

Windows Phone finally gets official Dropbox app
News - January 22, 2015
Oh Windows Phone, you're so neglected. It's no secret that one of the main issues with Windows Phone getting off the ground was the lack of support from developers. Although apps like Evernote were available, popular services more

T-Mobile announces roll over data stash
News - December 16, 2014
Competition is fantastic isn't it? T-Mobile continues its "uncarrier" moves as it announces a data roller program. In 2015, T-Mobile will start offering to save user's unused data in a data stash for up to a year. The roll more

Rdio updates Windows Phone app
News - December 15, 2014
Rdio is one of the most popular streaming services, and luckily, they support Windows Phone. The only problem is, development of their Windows Phone app has seriously lagged behind iOS and Android. Well, Rdio has updated their more

Dropbox and Microsoft announce partnership
News - November 04, 2014
Dropbox announced a partnership with Microsoft via the company’s blog Tuesday. The partnership makes a ton of sense for both companies, and will bring a huge stable of users to both companies. Even though Microsoft has its own more

Every Yahoo Mail user should check this setting immediately
News - October 11, 2014
Do you use Yahoo Mail? I do. I've been a Yahoo Mail Plus customer for over a decade. I moved my main accounts to other services, but I still use Yahoo Mail for some things. A few days ago, I noticed mail I received from Yahoo more

HTC launches One M8 for Windows
News - August 20, 2014
HTC launched a Windows Phone version of its flagship HTC One M8 smartphone. The Windows Version of the phone is exactly like its Android brother, but it runs Windows Phone. This is fantastic news for Microsoft and HTC. The more

BBM now available for Windows Phone
News - August 02, 2014
In a not so surprising move, BlackBerry has a version of its BBM software for Windows Phone. The company hopes the move makes BBM appealing to enterprise customers. In an effort to turn the company around, BlackBerry decided to more

BBM Beta hits Windows Phone Store
News - July 08, 2014
BBM has finally reached Windows Phone, although it is still in private beta. The beta version of BBM is now in the Windows Phone Store but it is not open to the general public just yet. It is good news however, for people more

Microsoft adds new encryption to OneDrive and
News - July 01, 2014
Microsoft has added a new layer of security to its OneDrive and websites. The company says OneDrive has PFS encryption (perfect forward secrecy) now, and the good news is it is in effect on the web, and in all apps. more

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